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8) Fine Arts Recital Hall (Art Hall)
16) Global Prodigy Academy – School, Administration, & Student dormitory (Star Home)
18) GPA Science Building & Fine Arts (Star Vill)
21) Student Cafeteria (Student Union Building) – also a convenience store, print shop, banking, and postal service
24) Library & English Children’s Library (Star Center)
26) Fitness Activity (Star Gym)
31) New Gate
35) Faculty Cafeteria (Star Tower)
38) University Street (Old Main Gate) – filled with restaurants, stores, and entertainment
4) Soccer fields
15) Basketball & volleyball courts



Each of the classrooms at GPA are equipped with:

1.  Whiteboard and markers

2.  A teaching computer & TV (or projector) + speakers

3. 12 desks

GPA also has the following specialty classrooms available:

1. Computer Lab (upstairs & downstairs)

2. Science Labs

3. Lobby space



Global Prodigy Academy has its own computer lab for the use of GPA students only.  In addition to this lab there are several others located in various buildings of Jeonju University and may be used with prior approval.  In order to promote effective learning and to prolong the life of the computer equipment, lab visitors should abide by the following rules.  Some locations may post additional guidelines. Individuals must be familiar with and agree to abide by the school’s acceptable use policy prior to working on a lab computer.


The computer labs are open to individuals during class hours when no scheduled class is being held in the lab or when a teacher is on duty in the lab

Care of the lab

Individuals are expected to exercise care when using equipment and other resources.  If a problem is noted, the individual should bring it to the attention of the instructor or Administration Office.  No food or drink may be brought into the computer lab, and individuals should use trash and recycling bins appropriately to clean up after themselves. If a CD is lost or ruined while checked out to an individual, he or she will be charged for its replacement.

When there is damage to hardware or software that is deemed beyond normal wear and tear, the cost of replacement will be charged to those responsible for the damage.  This charge will include the cost of labor and materials.


Computing facilities are intended to be quiet work areas. Although groups may work together on assignments, individuals should be courteous by ensuring that their collaboration does not disrupt the work of others.  Teachers and proctors will enforce this courtesy.

Priorities for lab use

Computer resources are limited; consequently, when necessary, they will be assigned according to the following priority.  A class that has reserved the lab has first priority. A student working on an assignment that uses software only available in that location has priority over others working on assignments that may be completed elsewhere. A student working on any assignment has priority over leisure users.



GPA has two Science classrooms and a laboratory space where the following science classes are taught:



Environmental Science